Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Synthesis of Science and Spirituality

I read the book "The Da Vinci Code" written by Dan Brown.The book was very interesting however what happened in the aftermath proved more interesting.Iam doing my final semester Msc Software Engg at the Amrita Institute of Technology,Coimbatore.Iam involved in a project work which necessiates me to go to the Amrita School of Business everyday.I heard a heated debate/argument among 2 people->both had read Da Vinci Code.One was a guy who kept accusing the other for having "belief" and "faith" and that these two had no scientific evidence.The other said "faith" is "beyond reason"...and so on.I saw science pooh pooh'ing relegion and vice versa.I was pondering over it(I wanted to take an impartial view)when I realized that the two who were arguing had not in fact read the mission statement of our college->the underlying principle is synthesis of science nad spirituality.
So to have a synthesis we must have homogeneous substances...that which can mix.But how can that happen when both are at war with the other. Where in do we find a homogenity?Well it is simple.All we have to do is look at the aim of both.The quest of both Science and Spirituality has always been the same->finding out what/who we are?I would say the basic problem we find here is that we consider both as different whereas in fact Science and Spirituality are 2 sides of the same coin(the quest to find out the TRUTH about ourselves).Perhaps Dan Browns another book "Angels and Demons" is an eye opener in this respect.
A simple example.Research in science is single minded search+analysis+dedication to a field of study.Tapasya in Spirituality is again single minded search+analysis+dedication to a field of study,here the field of study being GOD.So who/what is GOD?All of us know the phrase "we are made in the image of GOD"."Thou art that"(Tat Tvam Asi)from spirituality(religious texts).Science says the essence of all matter is the same.We are in fact using only 5% of our brain and we will achieve super human feats if we are able to acheive 100%.So we again find that both are in essence trying to explain the same.Mankind has been in its quest for perfection and as he evolves and attains perfection he then perceives the whole world as his own being-> a Universal mind.Again I saw a recent science article which says "The universe is all mind stuff"...and isn't that called MAYA????
So from the above I believe science and spirituality are literally one and the same->a quest towards TRUTH and perfection and the union of science and spirituality will take place only at its culmination when mankind attains perfection by learning nay understanding the TRUTH.


Mystic said...

Hi, Cool blog. I do want u to read something written on similar lines by another techyphil..Will send u the link soon. Keep up the gud work

Aarya said...

Science and spirituality deals with quest of knowledge about oneself and ones environment.They are two parallel roads that lead to one and the same destination. But how do you compare a rather worldly research and Tapasya where in you let go of the world around you.
My point is, that yes Science and spirituality have a single aim but the track both the manipulations take are definitely different...What say?

Karthik Sankar said...

Hi Aarya,
There is a single reply to ur queries!!!!
The Macrocosm is embedded within the Microcosm(according to spiritual texts).
In essence the external world is within the internal world.So research(in external world)is Tapasya(in internal world).So the quest is the same...only thing is that in Tapasya u know u r searching for the TRUTH but in research it is like problem->solution->problem and so on till u realize that u are in effect searching for the root cause. u can say research will ultimately lead to Tapasya.

pilgrimhawk said...

Hi all,
good to see your expressions.

I suggest you all read this notable work by Bretrand Russell -" Mysticism and Logic"... some where he says " Mysticism gegins where logic ends"...no wonder, why "koans" in zen buddhism assume such primary significance in zen practice.

Won't it be beautiful if since brings in an awareness of immensity and vastness, and spirituality evokes in us a deep sense of beatitude and benediction..? Sience and spirituality.....why whold be bothered about marrying them....let then not lose sight of each other.....and traverse the infinitude...