Monday, June 27, 2005

Lonely Predator

We are alone not only in the Universe but also on Earth. We humans are alone with none to challenge, none to be afraid of and without a natural enemy we are loners. Every living thing which walks this Earth has a natural predator to fear, defend and fight in order to survive. Perhaps our ancestors had to struggle and now we are enjoying the fruits of emperorhood.

So what are we doing now? We will see the child analogy.The first instinct of a child when it is given a toy is to destroy it. That is what we have done. We have managed to tame, hunt, skin and kill mercilessly almost all creatures for some reason or the other and have given them “sancturies”. What does the same child do after it has destroyed all toys? Exactly….. fight with its brother. The child as it grows first starts fighting for attention among its parents. Then it leaves home starts quarelling for want of dominance among friends. Then starts the teen years where it starts fighting for anything and everything. Then marriage and children and the fight is not only for one but for the entire family.Then it matures and fights in a more polished fashion-competition in essence cold wars. And finally once we have won over most of our enemies we realize we are old enough so what do we do, create new “enemies” (doesn’t matter if real or imaginary)for those who are below us . Then we watch in glee(who said old age is not second childhood). Then unknown and out of the blue comes an enemy born out of all misdeeds. The more the misdeeds the more terrible(diseases) it is, one final enemy called death.
Our eventful life becomes quite an uneventful affair when we quietly succumb to this all conquering opponent.

Following the above analogy we see as that the whole mankind has been traversing the path of a man . The quarell at home boils and we successfully eliminate our own brothers and once we achieve this we carry it over to the neighbourhood and it is this …for want of a horse shoe nail the country was lost…in other words for want of a toy a country was destroyed. Initially wars were a spill out of the age old struggle for survival where due to lack of resources we started searching for greener pastures. We did find them and instead of sharing it, greed overtook us and we destroyed all our fellow beings. This was during the imperialist days. Then came the age wherein we became “ashamed “ of our fellow beings and established classes and relegions based on skin color and method of worship. We gave it a civilized name- “civilization”. Words like “killed a nigger” became routine. Then we broadened our vision-global domination by elimination. This was during the world war wherin we killed millions of our brothers for being born under relegions which we created. Then after the world wars we reached into numerous settlements,agreements and we divided the whole world not by one or two classes but using advanced classification techniques and theories which we ourselves do not understand. Then came a more matured war – the cold war . Wars were fought using proxies just for the show of world dominance.Now we have reached a stage where all our misdeeds will come in the form of destruction. Seeds of disaster sown through ages will start coming to get at us (Terrorism in the name of relegion and territory for example).

But a good man is one who has been inculcated with noble values like Love,truth and sacrifice. And such a man dies in glory. Lets use our age old gift-the one which has seperated us from other creatures and given us dominance-our wisdom. Lets inculcate the spirit of universal love and brotherhood. Lets remember what we have forgotten in our ages long struggle. We are all humans above all classifications. Humanity in its pure form is the most precious thing in this universe.Let our sons and daughters grow to be true human beings respecting and believing in only one truth called humanity so that Earth will again be humane and mankind will remain immortal.