Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Social discipline of the people of Japan

The twin attack by Nature on Japan has left all of us reeling wondering if mankind can ever defend against nature's fury. But as I was reading articles, what struck me most was the articles which talked about how the people of Japan showed impeccable social discipline even in the face of perhaps the worst disaster in recent history. One article showed how there was just one grocery store and a single vendor managing the counter. The doors and windows were broken by the earthquake and there was a small makeshift counter put up. The people who came to get rationed groceries stood quietly in the long queue waiting for their turn without the slightest aggression. And there was no authority to control or regulate. People were just being socially disciplined. I really salute the social and personal discipline of the people of Japan.

It also brought me a painful reminder of what happens in India. While I fully respect my country, what agonizes me is the total lack of social and personal discipline in our country. There is no respect for fellowmen anywhere. Be it traffic, ration shops or even a marriage lunch, there is absolutely no self discipline.If this was in India, I am sure the grocery shop would have been smashed by usurpers, people would have hoarded food, there would have been a stampede, many would have got killed....and so on even if there were policemen watching over.

Believe it or not, most evils in our country happens because of this root cause - total lack of personal and social discipline. India was definitely a country known for the virtue of its people, but somewhere down the lane we have misused our freedom. India has to go back to its roots and get back its core values. Unless each person thinks that he/she should be morally and socially disciplined, no matter what there can be no real progress. Discipline and accountability should come from the person and then alone will the entire nation be accountable and disciplined.What we have achieved is just one-sided growth and this will result in social and political turmoil in the long run.

My prayers and salutations to the people of Japan. May they quickly recover from the disaster caused by this unreasonable fury of Nature. I am sure by virtue of their social discipline and work ethic, they will rise again and prosper.