Saturday, September 08, 2007

Miracles for recognition?

In the above link the article says there is a need for one more case of miracle healing in order for Mother Theresa to be declared a saint.Why do people want "miracles" to declare a person as a saint? Mother Theresa has lived her entire life for humanity and that makes her equal to God.Why should someone do something which is super human in order to get the status of God or Saint?The problem is we believe that God cannot be human and He/She should be someone who is of angelic countenance and does super human things.Why this sort of a mind block?

There are people amidst us who dedicate their entire life selflessly for humanity.Most often we recognize them when they are dead and gone.Mother Theresa deserved to be called a saint when she was living itself.Why wait for someone to be dead and gone or await a case of miracle healing to declare the person as a saint?
Religion is a tool for aiding Humanity and not viceversa.Most of today's problems are because we have used religion as a tool for war.Religions sprang up to guide humanity towards good.If there is no humanity then there is no religion.

Mother Theresa is such a great human being where in she is helping the poor and needy even after she has left her mortal body through her institution.Her entire life is thus a miracle if that is what people are searching for.To selflesslesly love another human is a miracle in itself.It is the same reason why I adore Mata Amritanandamayi cause I have witnessed with my own eyes how she consoles and helps people sometimes for 24+ hours a stretch for days together.Miracle or no miracle such people are worthy of worship.

God cannot be someone sitting in an antiseptic corner of the universe.God must be the most human of humans.We keep waiting for the heavens to open up and rain down angelic beings to come down and help us.We even forget our friends and relatives who wish good for us.What happens is that in the process we forget the ordinary mortals amidst our midst who do extraordinary things without expecting anything in return.We must start recognizing them this moment because we are all mortal.Once we start to recognize and start to emulate them then the entire humanity will be redeemed.