Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Professionalism in life and relationships !!!

From my journey so far, I have come to realize that professionalism applies not just when it comes to work, it makes sense in every walk of life. Professionalism is a life style. It is the art of living life and work. Values and ethics punctuate it, the professional gives it life and defines it.

Whether we like it or not, we are actually alone and each of us have our own paths to carve out of this island we are put in. At the same time, the way we carve our paths is important and finally it is not just whether we carved the path that defines us, it is the way we did it that is going to leave it permanent.

All of us are aware of professionalism in work and so I leave that to you cause companies already speak volumes on it. For me being a professional in work is like being like a commando.
Precise, lethal, independent but works as a team and does a clean job. That's the sum and substance of it.

Professionalism in life and relationships is something I would like to focus on. In fact we can apply all professional ethics to relationships also.I have realised that it is very important to respect boundaries in life. In all relationships, give in your best, but with a detached mindset. This is because even among closest friends there are invisible boundaries(unfortunately). In every relationship, always be aware of the limits and boundaries and start respecting it. This is because, a spoken word, or a careless mail is all it takes to hurt people and destroy relationships. And once trust is broken, sometimes it does irrevocable damage. Once relationships are robust, then there is always a trade off cause you have accepted people but then people are complex and so are relationships. And sometimes there is not always the same consensus between people. There is one way traffic in friendships also!!! In relationships also, it should always be on a level field. Mutual respect, mutual commitment and mutual understanding is a must and never take people for granted. We also need to realize that there is nothing called selflessness, atleast in the fast moving material world. A thick skin is therefore a virtue :) Try to be as sincere as possible and don't go out of the way overdoing things.
Relationships take time to nurture and build, so patience and perseverence matters a lot. It is built on trust and make sure to give your best and more importantly leave the rest.
Finally just like in the professional world, sometimes even the best of friendships might have to part ways, and so it is also prudent not to burn bridges or bad mouth people whatever the issue may be. Try your best, cause all conflicts can be resolved by talks but then if it is still a no-go then always part in a friendly note cause you never know :) People are people and every person is a unique individual and worthy just like everyone else :)