Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Chewing Gum analogy

"Success and Failure are both two great imposters" is a very famous quote....
Life is to live no doubt but the attitude we take towards life is more important.
In Life there is no permanent joy similarly there is no permanent sorry.

Life will be more easy to handle if we consider each instance of life as a chewing gum....where in we chew the gum till the juice remains.Every moment of life is a learning experience.We must take only the happiness/good out of the instance and enjoy it to the fullest.we should at the same time imbibe what it has to give.We should however remain unaffected(thats difficult of course).

Most of us are either guilty of swallowing it or letting the remnants "stick on"
We tend to forget that the chewing gum was/is/will never be part of us.Most of us are guilty of either resting on laurels or moaning on sorrow....

So if we consider life like this and disallow any instant to affect will be an interesting game where we look forward to more challenges and put both success and failure behind us....

So lets move ahead lets make life more chewie....

Sunday, March 12, 2006

EverNew Joy

I have always been pondering over the fact that for most of us God is a matter of convenience that is only when we are stuck or are in trouble do we seek if we are happy then there is no need of God at all?!!

I read an excellent book - "The Science of Relegion" -Sri Paramahamsa Yogananda

This was an eye-opener to me.If God is not part of our daily life then there is no need for God.So what is God?What is Relegion?

He says that

"whatever we do the ultimate objective is to remove pain or gain pleasure.This quest of mankind is to acheive permanent bliss i.e a state which is supreme pleasure without an iota of pain.However even sleep is such a state.So the state has to be one of which we are aware.Death is permanent sleep and none of us like to die.So God is this state of Immortal Bliss with complete awareness.That is called Sat-Chit-Ananda This quest towards acheiving that state is called Relegion."

So whatever we do is towards fulfilling that ultimate objective.So we can say all scientists,atheletes,people working in any sphere are all highly religious.
So we can say that there are no atheists in this world and very few really relegious.

The real objective of all Relegions is also the same.Only thing is we have missed the forest for the trees!!!

So God is in every respect omniscient,Omnipresent and Omnipotent cause we are all at every moment engaged in reaching that state.Now I understand Tat Tvam Asi meaning YOU ARE THAT!!!

So what we do is in search for happiness then why not be happy this instance itself.
Then I guess every part of Life becomes a celebration,every work a worship and every acheivement an offering.