Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The inner "Jehad"

The whole world has now found a synonym for "Jehadis" ->"Terrorists".
Speaking from a very secular view point we do have to analyse what Jehad is.
Every human being has 2 sides, the good and the bad.It is always an inner struggle
for mankind battling the Mr.Hyde hiding within.We know that the mind is like a monkey
always jumping towards sense objects,but again there is nothing in the universe as powerful
as the mind.To make the mind focussed on "Good" requires alert discrimination or Shraddha.
I believe this inner struggle which began right from the time mankind evolved is called "Jehad".
So all of us are "Jehadis".Just because of a few misguided(comparitively),brainwashed and blinded section who have lost their very identity as humans we cannot blame an entire relegion.In essence every relegion is pure and deserves veneration.It is we the followers who malign them by making convenient "interpretations" and use them for our own ends.So "jehad" is over when we have won victory over our true enemy->ourselves.

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Mystic said...

Well Karthik..The eternal problem of internal conflicts..Good theme..And great lines