Tuesday, February 22, 2005


In a world driven by competition,“quality” is the mantra.Ours is a country led by “paradoxial” ideas.One side we talk of being secular-“equality for all”. But again we have this reservation system where there is “percentage” reservation. I would call it “preferential” reservation because the system has not been able to serve the actual needy. This system was to be valid for a limited period of time to “compensate” those who were downtrodden and had to eat the dust of the “superior” classes during the British Raj.Though the “idea” was good, the implementation has been dragging along. It is like promoting the continued use of medicines which has lasted its expiry period. The medicine now becomes a poison.

Is/Has the system really done its job? A simple example- say a candidate gets a job by his “rightful” reservation . His family is now able to progress. But the system does not stop there, his son and a multitude of generations to follow(thankfully) get the same treatment meaning the “backward” communities “inherit” their rights.So a seat which has to go to a deserving candidate goes to the son/daughter of a person who is now well to do. That is why I call it “preferential” reservation. “Reserve” for the “deserving” should have been the rule. The bow of law as usual has been bent and broken to string the desires of the “unworthy” . There are always instances of members of a lower community “depromoting”to a further lower level to get extra rights. Moreover they get to “compete” in the “open” category also. Due to this,deserving people who have the quality are often displaced by undeserving and no quality individuals. Reservation for minorities have ensured that the majority have no voice in the country. How do we expect our country to improve in quality when the foundation is made of low grade variety?

The British Raj was an autocratic rule where classes and social divisions were used cunningly to promote “divide and rule” policy. But now in India which proclaims to bea soverign socialist secular republic, it is high time that such divisions are removed.The system was according to the constitution constituted for a limited period of 10 years.But convenient politics and the so called voice of the downtrodden have been playing “dirty” sorry “political” games to give continued extensions .All this for the sake of votes. Money,corruption and fights for political gains have fuelled furthur damage.As I said earlier, the medicine of reservation is long past its expiry date and has begun to poison the very soul of democracy.

A policy of reservation where reservation is given to the poor without basis on caste,creed and relegion will serve the purpose. I do not intend to support the “upper “classes or malign the “lower” classes. Casteism and relegious divide has long since corrupted our minds. Let democracy be democracy in creed ,word and deed. But who is listening? Since I do not have a reservation I did not have the need to “reserve” my comments .


Mystic said...

'Reservation' has indeed made most lives miserable..We are all suffering and I hope someday people do awaken

sudhasrivalsan said...

You said it correctly. We all suffer from this injustice. Give reservations on need basis not on the basis of one’s religion. Hope the future generation will be saved from the clutches of this reservation policy. Allow the youngsters to grow naturally and respect each other irrespective of one’s caste and creed.

sreekumars said...

My Dear Boy ,

The Reservation Policy is not aimed to uplift the needy or any one - it is just to appease the so called Public to garner the Vote Bank .

I used to be a strong critic of the Reservation Policy when I just Completed the School . But as I grew in Life and as I became aged I have realised that we have to suffer all these so called JARGON Humiliation .

However, you need not backtrack . Go ahead - express yourself without inhibitions as this is the Time in Life that yo can do that.

With Best Regards,

sree uncle

Nero said...

Right on target! In a world where strength respects strength, absence of a meritocracy is detrimental to growth of those who deserve to, and possess genuine potential to do so.

Caught the link through Orkut, keep writing and visit me whenever you have time to kill. :D

Shrinath [00-04 Mechanical, Amrita]