Wednesday, February 01, 2012

See No Label !!!

Labels in society - I really wonder as to why labels have been so prominent in people's minds.
Labels based on caste, creed, language and religion are the most common labels which I come across in our country and if narrowed down further, labels based on language and religion predominate in most people.

Education does not seem to have had any effect. I guess labeling of some form or the other exists in every human society and in every level of human society.I really wonder why people don't form friends with others based on universal values rather than be influenced by what is the person's religion or language. It is a pity that people do not imbibe that language is nothing but a tool to communicate and religion is a way to inculcate human values. In fact there is always fear and suspicion when one label interacts with the other.

We seem to proudly say that we are a country united in diversity. But if you just take a simple example like the cafeteria at lunch time, you would most probably see people huddled in groups and these groups invariably seem to be grouped by label. Why do people identify themselves with labels? I have witnessed this in all places ranging from the most erudite of people to the less privileged. In fact the labeling seems to get more complicated depending on the increasing "sophisticated" nature of the people.

Labeling is definitely an evil when it is used as a basis for anything in life, be it friendship, networking or assessment. It is an evil when it blinds people and makes them not actually see the real human behind the label. Labels should never be used as a basis for anything in life.

When will we be able to see people as human beings alone? When will we be able to form friendships based on universal values? When will people assess or help another based on the person's merit?

How wonderful it will be if everyone interacts with the other just based on universal human values? Humans sans labels will definitely elevate humanity.Labels add color to our society and it should stop there. After all the dog should wag its tail and not vice versa !!!!

"See No Label !!!!"


Purne Shiva said...

True !!

Meenal said...

I think it all started when we started classifying people based on "region", and not "language". and to think of it that way, region/religion does play an important part, wait, a major part in shaping one's "values" or rather, "thought process". So when there is a discussion about mullaperiyar dam, people from the concerned regions would be instantly interested, others may/may not be. or when there is a discussion about, lets say a recent sati incident, people from the region i belong to would be instantly hooked, but would not like to involve others, as others might take it as a shameful act,and something whcih just cant happen in reality, while they might feel it is the greatest act of humanity, and something which is a part of their lifestyle(just an example). so based on which region you belong(rather, have grown up), people form interest groups. and language- well, thats just the best way to express your views/interests.
Doesnt mean that it makes this groupism any less evil, but thats human nature.

Beauvalet said...

What a beautiful thought!!!!
When someone speaks to you, they do so with a judgement.. based on who you are by region, education, vocational calibre, class of society, kind of clothes we wear, food we eat and soo on !!!
Seems to come to us naturally to is the nature of the mind to do so..
But with those people for whom we care.. we tend to integrate.. synthesize.. include.. inspite of our differences.. this needs to be cultivated as a trait.. and when we all do [not if we do, mind it].. there will so little social bifurcations... All i am interested in speaking to the Human being Karthik, not the Samsung employee nor the married man nor the multi-millionare, nor the street rat!
Knowledge that bifurcations are based out of insecurity, out of past experiences, and the ignorance that all of these including our own judgements change! Good Post Da!

AravindS said...

I totally agree. Even here, there seems to be labels attached to everything, including based on daily chores...unbelievable!, but true. It is therefore very well portrayed by you about universality and oneness. Hope your message in some form or the other reflects on people and their attitude towards "LABELS". Great work Karthi etta, really nice.