Friday, November 21, 2008

Doctor Who Books

Doctor Who books were perhaps the only story books available in our school library. When there were other people of our age reading Hardy boys and Nancy drew, we were reading Doctor Who books. In class VI I used to wonder what kind of crap the book would contain and the mere look of those books used to put me off.

It was a kind of idle curiosty that made me pick up a book called Doctor Who and the Cave Monsters- my first Doctor Who book. That was in class VII. I then found that it was about time travel across the space-time vortex. And that was the beginning of the race again time :) Others in my class also got hooked on. We were a set of 5 people and every week it was a book a day. We each used to borrow a book and finish one the same day and exchange it amongst us. We aimed to complete 4-5 a week.

We literally ate,slept,talked and walked Doctor Who through VII,VIII,IX and XI and yes we were not allowed to borrow books in X and XII for obvious reasons. There is a set of 72 Doctor Who books and we used to write down in our school diary whichever book we read. My count was 65 to be precise. And then we left school and I have scourged book shops and the internet in vain for the books.

A fortnight back I went into an old book shop in T.Nagar Pondy Bazar. And wonder of wonders there were a set of Doctor Who books lined up. I rubbed my hands in glee as if they were a meal fit for a monarch. I asked the book shop owner and he said Rs.50 a piece. There were 25 books in all. I told him that I would take all if he gave me a deal. Little did I know that this guy had graduated from Harvard Business school. He said "No know nobody has bought this book for the past 20 yrs". I told him "Well rest assured nobody will buy it for another 40 years if I don't buy it now and walked out with a pain in my heart". He then called out to me and gave me a deal Rs.30 per book. I thought Rs.20 would be fine but then my greed for the book overrode the money and I bought the entire set of 25 books. And yes I read a book a day with the same old relish. I wish I could buy all the 72 and my quest will be to make a collection. Well atlast I have a definite aim in life :-) !!!

Doctor Who????
For those who survived till this line and are curious about the book and would like to know more. Doctor Who is a an exiled Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey. He roams the universe in a space ship which is called TARDIS(Time and Relativistic Dimensions in Space). It looks like a police box though it is designed to adapt to the surroundings. His favorite plabet is Earth. His space ship is defective and will seldom land where he wants to. And so he wanders through space and time and fights the bad guys. The Doctor is a scientist and thats why he is called Doctor and since people don't know his name they ask Doctor Who? The Doctor has the capability to regenerate and so has different avatars :) (see the photo listing 10 faces...its all Doctor Who.

Doctor Who->Dasavatharam :)

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sreekumar said...

Doctor Who .. a Good One . Since I don't remember having read Dr. Who in my early days( excepting James Hadely Chase , Allistair Maclain , Aurthur Hailey )it was nice to know about this DOCTOR WHO.Good , nice to have imbibed some Good Information.

Keep up the Good work.

Wishing you all the best,

sree uncle

pappu said...

Ha! Brings back nostalgia! I too (with several others in my class) was a big Doctor Who fan! I think the best books I read were 'The Androids of Andromeda' (the Doctor dies in the end and saves Leela(?)) and the one about the Cybermen (it was the first Doctor i think...or the second..? One of the earlier avatars of the Doc.)

I think there is still a show on BBC.


Beauvalet said...

da.. I want them as and when you finish reading them
Listen I will download the series for us and burn it on DVDs.. Lets do the Doctor who rampage again.. and by the way u missed the reading under the bedsheets and reading under the washroom light duing 10 model exams...NOSTALGIA galore indeed!!