Friday, November 03, 2006

Problem Solving

Whenever we get a problem,for most of us the problem becomes a part of my psyche and that is the biggest problem.Slowly as I develop some really thick skin in the IT industry I begin to understand that a problem(may it be a bug/life/someone else's problem) is a seperate entity to be tackled and once we dissociate ourself from the problem it becomes easier to solve.

I usually follow this method when I get a problem I used to move away from myself and observe me from a third person's perspective treating me as an object faced with another object called problem.In this way I am able to take an unbiased view and yes dissociate myself from it.This removes anxiety and personal bias especially when it comes to life problems.

Every problem has a life cycle,the start where the actual problem is pose here it is as big as an unknown godzilla(God's illa->You feel even God is not there to help)
then is the understanding phase where we actually know the problem,then comes understanding the cause and then root cause and finally when the problems root cause is undertstood its almost solved that is when you get the smile on the face(I knew it look)

Some people are better problem solvers that is because they have perfected the art of solving it.I believe it is in the process that the key lies.Each person has got some "best practices" when it comes to problem solving and it will be good if all of you people reading this can put in yours as comments so that i will compile all this and perhaps release it as a book!!!

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pradeep said...

I agree with you. In philosophy its what Eckhart Tolle suggested. Dissociate yourself from your mind which is the powerhouse of all problems(read wavering mind).Observe the mind as a 3rd party and you'll get your solution.