Thursday, November 17, 2005

Me @ WIPRO Technologies

I have not posted for long kyon ki Iam busy working at WIPRO Technologies...employed here as project Engineer in Toshiba ODC working on my first project....hmmmm this is perhaps not the first time I am staring as an underdog anyway I have a l;ong way to go before I become a pisthu....all experienced people around me

Apparom we will be shifting to Sarjapur...before that Electronic City is a beautiful place and wonderful food.My team is cool.Arun San(Sir in japanese) is my Team Lead and Renji San my PM.Team full aaa Tamil thaaaan dhool...pinne edekke mallus fir thoda hindi...a conglomerate of tongues.

Everyday I leave at 7:20 AM from my room and reach at 11:30PM wow tahts a lot of work.As of now documentation...not yet into coding its ok.

Lot of professionalism and commitment shown by people to work...even iam amazed!!!!
Met all my former project people koteswar Ji Venky san and of course Shalini chechi...all are in heights of management...hoping to be there!!!!


Shiv said...

I am so happy for you.
All the best... I am sure you will "bushish" everybody there.

Karthik Sankar said...

Hi Shiv Bhai,
I was a little "bushish" when I found 1 comment in my blog...usually aarum vaaykaar illya...thanks a lot for having visited this page....kodi kodi punyam awaits u......bushish

Girish Mahadevan said...

hello the post, its likable but then its of the way back not much to notify..

hpy blogging hv fun